Fun until it’s not.

I took Colin to a water fountain (kind of like a splash park, the kids play in it) with his best friend yesterday. He’s afraid of water, he hates it in his face, but he had fun. He looked like he was running through a field of landmines toward the end lol, but he loves his best friend, and they had a great time together.

After a couple hours of playing in the water, we decided to take a walk and get some ice cream. Both boys were great the whole time, and ate their ice cream happily. It was when we were walking back to the fountains that Colin turned. It’s difficult to explain, but he just isn’t himself. He like…shut down?

So, we start walking back and he isn’t listening, won’t hold my hand and then finally just sits on the ground and refuses to move. Doesn’t talk to me other than to say “no” occasionally. Won’t let me pick him up, won’t even talk to his friend or do anything with his friend. He was just done. Wouldn’t move. So, finally I picked him up and cradled him (I had surgery on my abdomen 3 weeks ago and it’s still sore, this was the least painful way to hold him) and he kept forcing his body straight like a board. He’s 40lbs and STRONG, especially when angry. It was horrible, he wouldn’t stop. He eventually started to hit me, and while I was putting him in his car seat when we finally made it to the car, he started digging his fingernails into my arm and screaming.

Within minutes, he had calmed down and started asking for his dinosaurs back (I took them away because I don’t condone the behavior he was exhibiting). He didn’t act as though he didn’t remember what he had just done like last time. It was just bad, and weird.

Can anyone with experience with ABA therapy give me some advice on whether you think he may benefit from it? It was recommended immediately after he was diagnosed, but due to time constraints and things I’ve heard about it, I chose not to move forward. It didn’t seem necessary, but these meltdowns are so… strange. I can’t explain it, but that’s not my child. And I don’t know if it’s only going to get worse as he gets older. Seriously, any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


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