Best summer, not the best yet.

So far I’m struggling to make the most of this summer. I had my gallbladder removed two weeks ago, and I’m having complications. I’m in so much pain that I haven’t been able to take Colin out like I want to. I haven’t been keeping my house clean. I’m not being the wife, person, or mother I want to be. It’s difficult.

Colin has been so sweet during all of this. He’s been listening well, and he’s so funny. I took him to a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and I was honestly afraid that he wouldn’t behave, but he was amazing. He started carrying around my purse and telling everyone it was his, he laid on the exam table with me, and he named his dinosaurs in the waiting room. He’s named them Teddy, Spiny, and Tail. Last night the doorbell rang, and he started barking with the dog. He just cracks me up.

He’s starting to ask for his best friend and to go to school, but it’s summer and I don’t have class or a job so we can’t afford to send him to daycare until I have one. In the meantime, my husband will be going to school and working this summer, and I’d like for Colin to have fun. Going to the park, splash pad, pool, aquarium, zoo, museum. Just take him to do as much as we can this summer. Tonight we had a picnic on the floor in the living room, which he loved. I think I may just have to power through and hope I get better and not worse. I can’t just sit around the house and do nothing all summer, it’s not fair to him.

I don’t know if he’s been so well behaved because he knows mommy doesn’t feel well, or what. He’s been perfect since I last wrote. He has a speech therapy appointment tomorrow. It’s his first in a few weeks. I put his appointments on hold while I finished up the quarter because we only have one car at the moment. He loves his speech therapist, so I think he’ll like seeing her. I might take him to the park or somewhere fun to play after.

What fun things are you guys doing with your little ones this summer? Colin hates water, so while I don’t want to completely avoid pools or splash pads, we probably won’t be making either a regular thing. May get a small pool for the backyard, one that he can just sit in, not actually swim or get water near his face (which is the big issue for him). I just feel like we don’t get him out enough, and I want to take advantage of my husband and I having less on our plates, and get out more.




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