Progress Report

Colin turned 3 on November 3, so I thought I'd go through some of his abilities, things he's doing in speech therapy, and new words and behaviors. Right now they're working on spatial concepts in speech therapy (in, out, up, down, etc.) He is getting the hang of "up" and "down," though he says "ut" … Continue reading Progress Report


Figuring life out

I shared a little in my last entry about how I was handling Colin's diagnosis. Lately I've had so much to try to figure out. Colin will need daycare, preschool, ABA, speech and possibly occupational therapy. I could not figure out how to fit over 18+ hours of therapy in with 27 hours of classes, … Continue reading Figuring life out


It's been a few weeks since I've updated. I've honestly been trying to get my thoughts together enough to write. Colin was diagnosed with Autism on October 31, 2016. They said it's moderate to severe, but she did mention that it needed to be categorized that way for insurance purposes, and that will change. The … Continue reading Autism